ZnO-based nanoparticles for biomedical applications


"ZnO-based nanoparticles activated with selected rare earth (RE) ions were successfully applied by us as fluorescence markers allowing early detection of cancer [1]. For example, an effective trafficking of these markers to the areas of lung cancer was observed, whereas surrounding tissue was impermeable for nanoparticles. The data obtained confirm 100% selectivity of the method. The following experiments proved that the same markers can be used as contrast agents in MRI and for transporting a given medicine to area of tumor. A directed therapy turned out to be possible, proving theranostic properties of the markers. ZnO particles are not stable in body fluids. This increases safety of the method (we avoid long time accumulation in the body) and opens chances for new applications. We tested recently use of ZnO particles for micro-elements supplementation. For fluorescence labelling efficient emission of markers should be observed. It will be explained why doping with selected RE ions results in a relatively efficient photoluminescence and the method used by us to determine stability of markers will be described. "

2nd International Conference on Advanced Materials for Bio-Related Applications
Marek Godlewski
Marek Godlewski
Scientific Committee Member