Gold Nanoshells Decorated with Silver Sulfide Quantum Dots as Novel Nanoplatforms for Theranostic Applications


"In our investigation, we are dedicated to crafting a novel colloidal hybrid material com-posed of gold nanoshells and silver sulfide quantum dots. By melding a fluorescent emitter with a metallic nanoparticle, we’ve successfully heightened fluorescent emission within the near-infrared spectrum. Through precise control of the emitter’s proximity to the metallic surface using a silica layer, we can delve into the kinetics of the emission process, a pivotal aspect in determining the optimal parameters for a nanomaterial. In essence, the fusion of gold nanoparticles with quantum dots presents a robust plat-form for theranostics, facilitating concurrent imaging and therapy with heightened sensitivi-ty, specificity, and precision. "

2nd International Conference on Advanced Materials for Bio-Related Applications