Fluoride release profile for commercial fissure sealant (Flow-Color (red), Arkona) in various pH


This following study is dedicated to analyzing the fluoride release profile for commer-cial and readily available dental fissure sealant – Flow-Color manufactured by Arkona (Poland) in red coloring and followed by structural analysis by means of FT-IR infrared spectroscopy. Samples were obtained as 5 x 2 mm discs by polymerization in teflon mold. As irradiation source, a LED lamp (500-800 mW/cm²) was used, with irradiation time of 5s and 2 mm distance maintained. ORION 9609 ion-selective electrode (Thermo Fisher Scientific Co., Waltham, MA, USA) connected to a pH/ion meter CPI-551 Elmetron microcomputer was utilized for fluorine release studies. Fluoride ions concentration were registered at intervals of 3, 24, 24, 48, 72, 96 and 168h in artificial saliva at 4 pH values (4.5; 5.5; 7; 7.5) as well as in deionized wa-ter for reference. Artificial saliva was used as an environment mimicking the oral cavity. The highest released concentration was denoted after 168h interval in artificial saliva of pH = 7.5 (0.1075 ppm). The greater the fluoride release, the greater are the clinical benefits of the utilized sealants. Cummulative plots showed that in artivicial saliva (pH = 4.5) and in deionized water the summarized concentrations of released fluoride were the lowest while in pH = 5.5; 7.0 and 7.5 stayed on the comparative level. In the analyzed period of time (3-168h) sealant maintained high potential of fluoride release.

2nd International Conference on Advanced Materials for Bio-Related Applications
Rafał J. Wiglusz
Rafał J. Wiglusz
Conference co-Chair