The impact of Er:YAG laser on titanium alloy surface considering exposure parameters in dental treatment


Inflammation around implants, known as peri-implantitis, can lead to pocket formation and bone loss. Although the Er:YAG laser shows promise in removing biofilms, safety concerns persist. Titanium alloys like Ti6Al4V and Ti6Al7Nb, commonly used in implants, offer strength and biocompatibility, with Ti6Al7Nb preferred due to lower toxicity. This study investigates the safe use of the Er:YAG laser on titanium implants to maintain oral hygiene by removing deposits without harming the surface. SEM analysis examines changes in implant surfaces to prevent impaired osseointegration post-decontamination.

2nd International Conference on Advanced Materials for Bio-Related Applications
Rafał J. Wiglusz
Rafał J. Wiglusz
Conference co-Chair